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24 Solar Terms Fairy Tale(French Chinese edition)

Author:Qiao Qiao

Publication date:2017-07-22



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each panoramic illustration explain the characteristics of each Solar Term from the perspective of the little protagonist. We are glad to invite the very popular English-language little presenter Emma from Wechat Public “Xiaohua Parent-Child English”to register this book into English audio. French illustrator Madam Bérénice Zandonai registered this book into French audio. So you could not only read this picture book, but also listen to it in original English and French languages. What you only need to do is to scan the QR Code printed on this picture book. Madam Bérénice Zandonai, French fashion designer and professional illustrator for the children , appreciates very much this picture book about Chinese culture . She translated this picture book into English and French languages and managed to make it published to the public. She hopes that the world could discover and feel the charm of excellent Chinese cultures by reading this magical and imaginative bilingual picture book.ok.

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